Womens Hostel

i.Number of hostels 1
ii.Number of inmates 150
iii.Facilities – reading room, kitchen, dining hall, rooms sufficient number of toilets and recreation area.

Only college having girls hostel in the nearby area which makes safe women education

Two of our staff members also reside in the hostel.

Internet and Wi-Fi facility available in the hostel-
Recreational facility available in the hostel: Since the hostel in located in the premises of the college all the facilities of the college are availed by the hostel student.
Well furnish bathrooms and toilets available in the hostel:
Constant supply of safe drinking water facility available in the hostel:
Emergency medical facilities available in the hostel:
Security of the residents in the hostel: Much security is provided to the students residing in the hostel. There is 4 night watch man appointed Strong and well-constructed boundary walls provide safety and security of the residents of the hostel. The police station of Gobra-Nawapara is located within 100 meters distance. CC TV cameras are installed.

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